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Review Corner

Terror (1978)

I well remember the very first time that I saw this film. I loved it so much. I had heard nothing at all about it and I sat, late at night, on my own, lights down low, sound up loud.

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Pets (1973)

Pets is an odd little concoction which you might assume from the most commonly seen poster (two girls in collars and chains) was just another horror movie from the 70s…

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Dr Cyclops

Dr. Cyclops (1940)

Eric McNaughton puts his glasses on for a look at a neglected gem, Dr Cyclops. “Now you can call me ‘Cyclops’ because I have one good eye”. In 1940 Paramount studios returned to the world of horror films.

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A celebration of cine fantastique from the silents to the 70s…

Rising from the ashes of We Belong Dead, the fanzine of the classic age of horror! In the words of the immortal Count “I bid you welcome”. Welcome to a world of cobwebbed castles, fog shrouded streets and eerie graveyards. Welcome to a world where Karloff was the Frankenstein monster, where Christopher Lee was Dracula and Peter Cushing was the evil Baron Frankenstein. To a world where Lon Chaney Snr lurked beneath the Paris Opera House and Lon Chaney Jnr became a wolf when the wolfbane bloomed. Where Lugosi listened to the children of the night and Charles Laughton evoked our sympathy for the unfortunate bell ringer of Notre Dame.

A long forgotten age when Kong ruled Skull Island and Vincent Price held sway at the Masque of the Red Death. An age when Nosferatu repelled us and the Vampire Lovers attracted us. When the good Dr Jekyll became the evil Mr Hyde; when Karloff became Im-Ho-Tep; when Lee battled the devil as the Duc de Richleau; when Cushing was Dr Terror and Price was abominable as Dr Phibes.

Explore the House that Dripped Blood, the House on Haunted Hill, the House of Dracula and the House of Dark Shadows. Once again marvel as Dracula rises from the grave, Frankenstein creates woman, the devil rides out, the House of Usher falls, the Wolfman meets Frankenstein and the zombies have a plague…Welcome to WE BELONG DEAD!!!