Powertool Cheerleaders vs the Boyband of the Screeching Dead

Home Release on Friday 13th October!

I have known writer/director Pat Higgins ever since I was involved in the DVD release of his first movie TrashHouse in 2005 (ah yes that fateful meeting at the Costa coffee in W H Smiths in Chelmsford). Ever since then he has been plugging away creating low budget horror movies like Hellbride (2007) and The Devil’s Music (2008). I was lucky enough to see his latest hugely entertaining horror comedy musical at the premiere in the Prince Charles Cinema at Frightfest in 2022 – and at last I am happy to report that Powertool Cheerleaders Vs The Boyband of The Screeching Dead is coming to home video after playing at various festivals.

From the press release:

On the eve of a televised talent show, an enthusiastic but dysfunctional cheerleading troupe is on the brink of falling apart. But when a cursed necklace turns their rival act into a screeching gang of zombies, the girls must learn to use their wits, friendship and assorted powertools before the TV finale takes a turn for the apocalyptic…

“Fun, upbeat and often hilarious” – Dread Central
“Will leave viewers with a smile on their face” – The Hollywood News
“Director Pat Higgins reinvents the musical” – Starburst

Clips from Powertool Cheerleaders Vs The Boyband of The Screeching Dead have been featured on BBC News at 6 (and at 10!) and the film was at one stage the most popular film Kickstarter project on the planet. It will be available for home viewing on streaming platforms from FRIDAY 13th OCTOBER 2023, just in time for Halloween!

Written and Directed by genre legend Pat Higgins (“One of the masters of horror” – The Dark Side magazine), with Cinematography by Alan Ronald (WWE, Death Tales), Musically Directed and Edited by James Hamer-Morton (My Bloody Banjo, The Fitzroy) and Produced by horror darling Charlie Bond (Hellriser, Dead Air), Powertool Cheerleaders Vs The Boyband of The Screeching Dead is the ultimate Halloween singalong treat.

Starring Charlie Bond, James Hamer-Morton, Carrie Thompson, Justin Chinyere, Faith Elizabeth, Mark Stewart, Megan Rose Buxton and Liz Soutar (with special appearances by Dani Thompson, David Schall and more).

Here’s the trailer…